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VOI & NOI Case Study 

VOI & NOI Case Study 

VOI & NOI Case Study 

VOI & NOI Case Study 

VOI & NOI Case Study 

VOI & NOI Case Study 


Business KPIs

Sales increase in online store
Sales increase in 56 physical stores
Awareness in the young age audience (18-24 y.o.)

The best value-for-money choice in footwear.

Voi & Noi, one of the most famous footwear companies in Greece, with a network of 56 physical stores and an online store, wanted to upgrade its digital presence. 

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Sale increase in the online store


Sale increase in the physical stores




Views on Tiktok




4 times lower cost per conversion

Visual Communication

How we made it happen

Our Goal 🎯

Our main concern was to give a big boost to the online store and to increase the audience visiting the physical stores. That’s why we created separate campaigns, in order to achieve this.

We ❤️ A/B Testing 

Through continuous testing and A/B Testing, we closely monitored the performance of the campaigns, keeping control of CPA and tROAS metrics at every stage. Extensive testing provided us with information for continuous improvement.

Creative Approach 🎨

The creatives we used were adapted to match the style of the brand and at the same time, to be more attractive to the young audience we wanted to reach (ages 18-24).

The key factor 🗝

By applying the above best-practices, we were sure of the sales increase across all channels and the expansion of the clientele to younger ages, establishing the client’s position as the best affordable and quality choice in footwear.

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