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Automarin Case Study 

Automarin Case Study 

Automarin Case Study 

Automarin Case Study 

Automarin Case Study 

Automarin Case Study 


Business KPIs

The expansion of the clientele
Quality leads
Website redesign
Awareness in young age audiences

x9 Awards | Omni-channel Digital Marketing Experience & website redesign with mobile-first logic

Alongside with Automarin, we carefully study consumer needs and behaviors in post-Covid era using and leveraging advanced AI and web analytics tools. Our goal is to create a more optimal and transparent market model in the used car sector.

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Total Leads


222% higher compared to the average ROI in car market in Europe (Average ROI for the first 3 months of 2022: 15.86% - Source: investopedia)




Views on Tiktok & Youtube Shorts


Google maps reviews


Bounce Rate (2021 - 2022)

Methodology & Strategy


Daily mapping of Automarin's CRM

in order to continuously monitoring of stores incoming customers, leads and sales opportunities from all the company's stores.

Recording and editing

of users who have already interacted with the company (having followed all the procedures of the European protocol GDPR) to create custom lists with custom and lookalike audiences that will be valuable to the company.

Website redesign

based on the standards of mobile-first logic so that we can achieve maximum results through the campaign.

Careful graphic design

As a result of careful UI / UX optimization, we reduced the bounce rate of the website by 46.92% in total.

Implement AI Tools-Web Analytics

We invested in AI technologies by integrating and customizing Algolia AI Search, in order to facilitate the customer journey.

Dynamic retargeting

on social media and YouTube in order to achieve the greatest possible engagement between potential buyers and Brand.

Mobile first = Content first. ❤️

The purpose of UI / UX optimization with mobile-first logic that we implemented on the Automarin corporate website, is that the content always remains primary. The mobile-first approach leads to a design that focuses more on content and therefore user-centric. So we chose bigger photos of the cars, visible and clear call-to-actions, creating different scenarios of users on desktop and mobile to cover all the cases in the subject of design.

Visual Communication

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